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Complete list of Lego brick comics on the Internet.

Last updated: September 2nd 2018

Lego brick comics  come and go. Over the years many brilliant Lego series have been published. And it would be a shame if some of these exceptional comics are not read anymore by newer generations.

Table of contents


1. Lego brick comics with their own website

The bulk of Lego brick comics, are published on their own website. A home where the comic creators are completely in charge, not dependent on how others believe their creation should be treated.

There are a few gems amongst them. So, if you have the time, be sure to head on over and read them

1.1 Ongoing Lego comics

  • Legostar Galactica 
    • Currently on a 1 year hiatus, will be resuming August 25th 2019 
    • Started: 25-8-2002
  • The odd bricks 
    • Started: 13-5-2014
    • Hiatus: 24-12-2017
    • Resumed: 28-5-2018

1.2 Concluded Lego brick comics

Sadly quiet a few Lego brick comics have ended or their author (suddenly) stopped updating without notice. However, the websites of many of these comics are still available to read. So, as long as these links keep working, they can found here.

Ended in 2018

  • Irregular Webcomic (http)
    • It’s not 100% LEGO but “mostly”
    • Started: 31-12-2002
    • Ended: 8-6-2018 (However, a January 2019 restart is announced 🙂 )

Ended in 2017

Ended in 2016

  • Mythrala 
    • Started: 12-2-2014
    • Ended: 12-12-2016

Ended in 2015

Ended in 2013

  • News 6 
    • Started: 27-4-2011
    • Ended: 7-7-2013

Ended in 2012

Ended in 2011

Ended in 2010

Ended in 2008

2. Lego brick comics published on social media

I managed to find a few Lego brick comics on Instagram. Amongst them, one of my favorite soap opera comics (Brickland). Yet, I wish there was an easy way  to read that whole comic from the beginning.
Furthermore, i was made aware of a comic published on Flickr (Thank you Bill!)

Brickland lego brick comics
Examples from the Brickland comic published on Instagram

2.1 Ongoing Lego brick comics

2.2 Concluded Lego brick comics

  • LLworld  (Instagram)
    • Ended: 4-9-2017

3. Lego brick comics published in a forum environment

I am aware of only one forum wherein Lego brick comics are published; the Eurobricks forum. I won’t be linking to the individual comics as navigation throughout the forum is a bit confusing, and there seem to be many broken links. All in all, I am not familiar with the comics to be found on there. But, who knows, there might be an undiscovered masterpiece amongst them!

eurobricks lego brick comics
The main menu of the brick comic forum at Eurobricks


4. How to keep this page up-to-date

I will periodically check the links on this page. However, if you discover any mistakes, broken links or Lego brick  comics that should be on this list, but aren’t, please let me know in the comments. Did I miss your comic? Let me know too!


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