1-1 Simple and sweet
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1-1 Simple and sweet

About the Comic

Well, let’s see how this will go.

For as long as I remember I always said I would write a book once. When I was a kid it would be about some of the imaginary roles me and my little brothers played, when I got older it would be about all kinds of subjects that would interest me at that moment. I never started though. And my guess is I never will. I’m always thinking about it, reading books on plot-structure and ‘how to write a book’, took a writing course once… but still. I’m always thinking about what I will write about, but in my mind its never good enough. I always have a reason in my head to just NOT start writing. I guess I never will.

When the Lego came back in my life I was thinking about how to proceed after the 365 is done with. I read a few great Lego-webcomics (www.legostargalactica.com and www.bricksofthedead.com) and an idea was born. I spent all the time thinking about how to pull it of and one day I just started. Today is my daughter’s seventh Birthday, it just seemed a lucky day to start the comic… stop thinking about it, and just start…

If you have any suggestions, typos, corrections or anything else… just let me know in comments or send me a message!


About this episode

The first line of the comic is based on the first line in an amazing graphic novel by Cyril Pedrosa named ‘The three shadows”. Check it out if you have the time!

Introducing Barry and Darryl; let’s go along for the ride… I hope you enjoy it!



Do you have a project you always wanted to do… still want to do, but just don’t get started on? What is it and do you think you will ever start on it?


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