"Blackmail is more effective than bribery." - John le Carre
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2-136 She can not be bought

If the major knows Bree is in therapy for a eye-phone addiction…. this is an extra low blow of the major.


Smartphone addiction

Smart-phone addiction. Something that actually seems to be quiet prevalent these days. Even I had trouble putting that thing aside. One of my new years resolutions was to decrease using my phone. The first few weeks that was a problem; I simply couldn’t bring myself to leave my phone somewhere further than an armlength aways from me. However, as the weeks went be, that became easier. And the past two weeks i reached a point were I forgot my phone at home or in the car… and only noticing that I left it, over an hour later. These days I still use the phone, I still like it and I stil use it when necessary (for calling for example… didn’t even know it had that function 😛 ) but the fact that I don’t notice right away that it’s gone, really pleases me. The only thing is; when I’m on duty, I need to be reachable 24/ 7… so I hope that I don’t accidentally forget to take my smartphone along!

How are you with your smartphone?