“Not only do I not know what's going on, I wouldn't know what to do about it if I did.” ― George Carlin
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2-144 Commanded to steal

Before he goes, I guess Dwaas will first have to go back in again… to get his mask.


Books on story-writing

I’m always trying to improve my understanding of story writing. I love tweaking the storyline of the Foolish lego Comic and up until now the script has already changed many times. A few weeks back I saw an interview with Stephen Fry. He’s written a book on Greek mythology called ‘Mythos‘. Hearing him talking about the book I realised how little I knew about that subject. Then I realised (again) how important Greek Mythology is considered to be for all the storywriters out there. I got the book and it’s on my shortlist to read, first I’m reading another book.

Searching for the book I came across another book: ‘The writer’s Journey’ by Christopher Vogler. This book focusses on Greek Mythology too, however, this book uses the elements of mythology to partly explain story structure. I’m reading it now and already learned a lot about archetypes; heros, mentors, threshold guardians, heralds, shapeshifters, shadows, allies and tricksters. There are many eye-openers in this book and I even understood my own comics better after reading these paragraphs. I’m already looking forward to finding out what revelations the rest of book will bring to me. I will come back to you after finishing it. Next up will be ‘Mythos‘, Greek mythology in a nutshell (and hopefully in a fun way).


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