I decided to redesign the interior of Dwaas’ house as a Lego MOC (my own creation) in chapter 3 of the Foolish Bricks Comic. In this post I will show you the build of Dwaas’ living room in chapter two.

The Lego MOCs for chapter 2 were pretty elaborate. I decided that most of the scenery would be revisited multiple times during the comic, so i build the sets in such a way that they could be shot from all angles. That is why they were complete rooms and all walls could be removed so essentially I had complete freedom of movement (see Figure 8 below).

A nasty side-effect of this was that building the sets was very time-consuming. I had trouble finding the time sometimes I think scenes dragged a bit too long to buy me some time.

This season I decided to go for smaller MOCs again, with added details opposed to the tiny MOCs of the first season. I also hope to speed up my builds whilst improving my building techniques. The details included combined with improved lighting and understanding of storytelling principles can provide interesting panels without drastically having to change the angles each time. I already ordered a lot of sand green bricks fro the rest of the necessary MOCs. 🙂

Below the second season set in all it’s details;

Figure 1: Dwaas’ house; living room – overview


Figure 2: Dwaas’ house; living room – overview


Figure 3: Dwaas’ house; living room – overview


Figure 4: Dwaas’ house; living room – close-up


Figure 5: Dwaas’ house; living room – close-up


Figure 6: Dwaas’ house; living room – close-up


Figure 7: Dwaas’ house; living room – close-up


Figure 8: Dwaas’ house; living room – walls separated

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