Toy photography 2018

Year six of Lego toy photography slowly expanding the world of Foolish Bricks. And again bring Dwaas’ imaginary fantasy world into my real world; or was it the other way around?

lego woman walking the dog with sunglasses in spring

Spring is in the air

lego man loving a woman painting after death

Together again

portret of Dwaas and Kemi, Frankenstein and a ghost

A friend in the dark

lego cat chasing a bird in the snow

Cold Cat

Dwaas lego frankenstein standing in the dark with a hat

Foolish Heisenberg

lego welldressed man with a ticket besides a broken down bicycle

Lonely party

lego man with a torch in a dark forest with wolves

A walk in the (dark) woods

lego man bragging to a drunk in a bar cafe

Bragging in the bar

lego dwaas frankenstein with a rat in the dark

A friend in the shadows