Chapter 02

Foolish Lego Comic; Chapter two; an original story about a secluded monster (Dwaas) that needs to come to terms with him being different from the rest of the world. In the meantime, his home isn’t safe from the greedy hands of the town-major.

brick comic - ghost command

2-201 Friendly question

brick comic floating book ghost

2-200 Ghost in the books

Brick comic mayo in the dark floating book

2-199 Demolition time!

brick comic - accelerate bottles

2-197 Accelerate…

brick comic too soon

2-196 Too Soon

brick comic - lego flower frankenstein

2-193 Key ingredient

brick comic - nevermind, it is not important

2-192 Nevermind

brick comic - opinions

2-191 Be quiet!

Brick comic - favorite color monster

2-190 Green surprise