Chapter 02

Foolish Lego Comic; Chapter two; an original story about a secluded monster (Dwaas) that needs to come to terms with him being different from the rest of the world. In the meantime, his home isn’t safe from the greedy hands of the town-major.

Lego comic - the gang arrives at dwaas' house and Kemi seems to be thrilled about it.

2-179 Little Rascal

Lego brick comic - He wants some evidence from Francis before he makes 'a call'

2-178 Necessary proof

lego comic - Francis tells his secret

2-177 Excuse me?!?

Lego comic - drink and order in coffeeshop

2-174 Start talking!

Lego brick comic - Francis meets someone at the coffeeshop

2-173 Coffee or wine?

lego comic - Bree and Dwaas discuss the mayor. Francis overhears them.

2-171 Eavesdropper

Lego brick comic - The gang moves outside. Bree and Dawn learn where Dwaas actually lives.

2-170 A clear coast

Lego brick comic - Dawn takes the flower along and they all leave the flowershop.

2-169 Come along

Lego brick comic - The phone stops ringing and Bree wants to go... fast!

2-168 Hurry up!