And so it ends

After 730 days of being followed around by me and my camera I guess the minifigs inhabiting my home had enough of me. They were whispering all day, and suddenly fell quiet when I approached with my camera. I tried to get a really good photo… but they seemed to avoid me. When I walked into the cellar however I found them all; Dwaas, Barry, Darryl, Willy, The Dark family, the wanderer, Amida, Strabo, Cool Chef, Steve the Bookbunny, Crappy real estate agent, Francis etc… etc. Looks like the main cast of Foolish Lego where planning a little get together for new years eve, and I was not invited with my camera. I even saw a little bus around the corner, so I guess they are celebrating outside of the house by now.

I decided to make I quick photo of them getting together and decided to leave them to their own. After 730 consecutive days they deserved a little vacation. 🙂 One final photo…

And so it ends; 730 days of daily Lego photography… I had so much fun, and met so many nice new people. I learned a lot about photography and our house has filled up with Lego (at least from the perspective of my wife 😉 ). Thank you all for your support and countless remarks by mail, twitter, the comments and in real life. It kept me going on days that I lost inspiration.

Now the 730-project ends, I need a rest from the daily commitment. Last year I tried to stop, but I just kept going. This year this wont be so. Within a week I need to go away for two weeks for my work and I wont be bringing my Lego. After that I will resume making photo’s but not on a daily basis. I want to take my time getting the photo just right this time. I am still looking for a new project… I will find it. Another 365… maybe after a break 🙂

So again THANK YOU ALL for you continuing support of Foolish Lego And don’t stop checking the site because new photo’s will still be made and published.

I wish you all an amazing 2015, may all your hopes and dreams come true. 🙂

The comic will go on by the way! HERE’s the latest episode of the Foolish Lego webcomic, episode 145!


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