3-017 You don’t look maimed to me!
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So, this explains why Dwaas was not wearing his mask. Nothing fancy… he simply forgot. Though… it does say something about the fact that Dwaas is really preoccupied with finding Darryl so he can go to Eno. So much preoccupied that he even forgot his mask. Maybe he noticed that not everybody treated him as a monster…

“You don’t look maimed to me”

For those of you wondering why Dr. Culus says this, I refer back to episode 26 of chapter 2. And how does Dr. Culus know this… well… I think you all already know 😛

Little technical issues

The was the first time this chapter that I was struggling a bit to get the feel and look of the panels aligned. I used two different lenses and that always complicates these things, Especially because the lens I used for the first three panels colors the photo’s too yellowish. I tried to correct it all… but it’s not perfect.

One of the rules I’ve always used is that the text balloons don’t overlap any minifigures. This time around I had some trouble with placement in panel 4. I could not place the balloon in front of the psychiatrist because of the patient so I put it behind him (also better for the overall flow of the episode). However; it would still overlap the psychiatrists head… so, for the first time, I put it behind him! I kinda like the effect. It brings little extra depth into the image.

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