“There's no mistaking what kind of potion I need. Caffeine - for alertness and rejuvenation.” ― Amy Alward
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2-193 Key ingredient

General Notice: Dwaas decided he wanted to update the comics on Sunday and Wednesday from now on. Updating on these two days wil create some breathing space in the update-schedule.

Recreating old comic panels

This year my Lego photography will focus more on the comic. As part of that focus I will remake panels from past comics. In this context, I posted a remake of panel three of the second episode of the first Foolish Lego Comic.This episode was created way back in 2013, and I was wondering if I could improve on some of the panels from back then. My first attempt is the Lego photo: ‘teleporting Amida’. There is also an extensive behind the scenes post on this remake. As usual, I learned quite a bit for this fun remake.

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