“Stop doing what is easy. Start doing what is right.” ― Roy T. Bennett
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2-188 It’s a start

There we go, Dwaas is finally going to show his actual face!

Dividing time between work, personal life and hobbies

It’s always difficult to divide the time you’ve got. Especially when time is limited because of a busy day job that also puts a strain on my free time. How do you balance the main components of your life? I mean, for a few weeks I worked hard on the blog, photography besides trying to get started on Instagram. However, that was in a time that work was a bit slower compared to the last few weeks. Now that work is more time-consuming (besides the baby 😉 ), I noticed that I have very little time left to work on Foolish Bricks (let alone my family and friends).

What I did not expect is another thing. Sometimes, like today, I do have some time to work on my hobby. However, my energy levels are so low that I simply can’t get myself to photographing. I spend half the day asleep on the couch (each time my son was asleep 😛 ) Inspiration is gone too…

So, how do you divide your time between work, personal, hobby AND regeneration-time? How do you keep your energy-levels and inspiration high enough so you can work on your hobby?