3-002 Fly or Cry
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Welcome back Willy! If I could give these two one advice, it would be to not underestimate him… and those who read the first chapter know why!

Thought balloons

I made quite some changes to the comic and one of the things I looked into are the speech-bubbles. What are the do’s and the don’ts and what to consider when thinking about placement for example (I will create a tutorial on that one day). One thing I learned is that the cloudy thought balloons are considered old-fashioned. Modern Comics use so-called ‘inner monologue captions’. So, in panel one I used these kind of captions showing you the thoughts inner monologue of Willy. The blue color is linked to Willy. I am happy with the effect and you will find these kind of captions – besides the usual location or time captions – throughout this Lego comic.

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For the time being, the comic will update weekly, each Sunday.

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