3-037 Epiphany and observations
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Finally Dwaas believes he has a solid lead towards Eno and towards finding his father…

Amount of Characters

I was thinking about a comment Fred made on Episode 31 about so many Characters being introduced after hearing the latest episode of “the adventure zone” (a podcast I really love and recommend (especially “balance” and “Amnesty”….NOT “graduation” imho). It is a roleplaying podcast and the DM of the last arc (Graduation) talked about having too many characters at the beginning of his season. His explanation was that he wanted the world he presented to feel like a busy, populated world, yet realised it became a bit confusing for the listeners.

I don’t feel I have too many characters, but I DO follow this explanation and hope it is not too confusing. I too would like to present the world Dwaas lives in as a bustling and densely populated city. Many characters introduced do have a function, but many of them are not planned to return in the comic (like the cleaning lady, or the psychiatrist). Some one-time appearances do have a function in the story though. For example the psychiatrist; he is the reason Dwaas finally realises that psychiatrists are not going to help him solve his problem (he does not know he accidentally met the two least qualified psychiatrists in the world, LOL), besides that Dwaas got the lead of the book. In this way the inner AND outer plot are driven forward a little by the psychiatrists.

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