"The end is my beginning!"
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2-000 Your end will be my beginning

A new chapter is coming up

August 13th! On the same date in 2013 my first comic started (a special day because of my daughter’s birthday I might add). It has been going for about three years, I learned a lot!


Increase in quality

So this time I’m going for a little more quality. I just finished the first seven episodes. Besides giving me a relaxed feeling, working on multiple episodes helps me improve the quality of the story. Tweaking the episodes over a few days, changing little things that feel like big issues in my mind. Also, it brings some much needed consistency between the episodes.
Having a general script helps a lot. I don’t have the story down to the last detail, but I don’t feel that is necessary. Having a general direction and description of scenes is enough. Also now I already have an ending. So this time around, I know what I’m working towards. I have to be honest; I did not like the ending of the first comic, it felt a bit like a cheat, a ‘world-reset’ as one of the commenters wrote. It was adequate, but that’s all. In the beginning of that story I thought it would keep going and going… until I realised it had to end sometime and that’s when I got in trouble, I just didn’t know how to end it, and left a lot of issues unintentionally, unresolved in the process. I hope this will be different this time. I’m sure it will be better. But not as good as the third story. 😉


So, now first things first. I’m going on a vacation, to Turkey of all places (in my defense; I booked a long, long time ago…) I guess it’ll be okay, but it does not feel as relaxing as in former years. Anyway, I’ll be back before August 13th, looking forward to your thoughts on the comic and building sets.
Have you ever gone on a trip to a country or region, which in hindsight might not have been the best location to visit at the time? Or did you realize beforehand (and what did you decide to do in the end?)