1-2 Thief!
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1-2 Thief!

About the Comic

All though I love doing the 365 (and it gave and gives me a good excuse to ‘work’ with Lego) at times it does add some pressure to my life.I noticed this before but especially the last few days now I’m sick.  There are days where I have no clue about how to do the photograph and sometimes it takes hours to think of an idea, but I just HAVE to take the picture each and every day.

Luckily the comic is different. I can just produce them when I have the time. I love that. It gives so much more relaxation.

Addition January 5th 2019; Here’s a remake of panel three including a behind the scenes post.

About this episode

“beam me up Scotty”? or not…


Did you ever get mugged? Sadly I was once…. in the Vatican-museum of all places. My compact-photo-camera was stolen. I only noticed it in the plane back home, later that day. What would you do if you saw something mugging you? Would you go after him/her? Would you do something else?

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