“Vision is not the ability to see. Rather, it is the willingness to see.” ― Craig D. Lounsbrough
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2-166 A simple call

A simple call with a smart phone. Could it be any easier?

Social media

Ok, well. So I started using social media recently. I’ve been on twitter for 5 years, but now Foolish Bricks is also present on Google+, Flickr, Pinterest (I don’t understand that one yet btw) and since Friday also Instagram. People who know me in real life know that last one is something, because I’m not into anything that has to do with Facebook (and yeah, I do not even use Whatsapp). Yet, for Foolish Bricks I thought it would be important, to at least try it.

I like Google+, mainly because of the active toy-photographers community on there, but all the others are mostly a lot of work. Instagram, I don’t understand completely either; I have about a dozen followers and I guess I will simply need a long breath to try and grow a little on there, but I suspect it won’t come easy. So if anyone has any tips (except for the ‘post 3 times a day’-advice, let me know. For now I’ll simply keep posting images, hoping eventually someone will see them. However, I’m already wondering if instagram is worth the effort. First I’ll give it a few months, hoping for the best.

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