"With a face like this I won't break any hearts. And thinking like that I won't make any friends!" - Screamager, Therapy?
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2-018 Optophobia

Therapy! I figured Dwaas could use a bit of that!


Musical Therapy

I’m sorry for being so last minute today. I’ve been working almost non-stop since yesterday-morning (Don’t worry, I had a few hours of sleep). Sadly I couldn’t find the time to do a write-up… And I was looking forward to it. maybe it would have been something about the band therapy, and how I saw them at Pinkpop once and how I loved their music (The album “troublegum”) and how they completely changed their sound, and… and… I’ll keep it lying around for Tuesday maybe 🙂

New scene, new set b.t.w. I like this one myself (didn’t I say that for all sets up until now?)

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