“Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating.”
― Charlie Kaufman
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One of the councilmembers and the lady from the flowershop. Of course they are friends!


Coffeeshops, cafés and bars

The Netherlands is not the land of the coffeeshops (I mean the ones like Starbucks for example, not the ones were you can get weed 😉 ). I always thought that was a shame every time i was abroad and set foot in some coffeeshop. I love the atmosphere in most of these shops. Always busy, people talking, working on their laptops, reading or even in meetings of some sort. There’s always something going on. The Netherlands is more a country of cafés (we call them old brown cafés). These are also nice to be in, but they cary a different atmosphere. No laptops in there, mostly people drinking a beer(, coffee) or eating (more like these American sportcafes, but mostly smaller and more traditional). No work being done there… except for networking maybe.

Anyway, I used to live near ‘downtown’ Maastricht (more of a village in the eye of Americans probably 🙂 ) which meant that I was in cafés a lot (I lived in a flat without a garden). Now I notice that coffeeshops are starting to become very popular here. I see them everywhere. Nevertheless, it’s too late; I moved away from downtown, so no coffeeshops near my home or near my work. Sigh.

Are you a cafe/ coffeeshop kind of person?