"Fire in the hole!"
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2-001 Lightning of life

And here we go! Rain, thunder, lightning, a dark atmosphere. Is there any other way to start?
Yes, of course there is, but I really wanted to start a little darker than the first comic this time. Don’t worry though; it definitely won’t be all dark and gloomy. Quite the opposite I suppose.


The Lego dark ages

I love the haunted house set! I don’t know if I said it before, but that was the set that pulled me out of the so-called “Lego-dark-ages“. That set was just too beautiful to pass up on. In the years before I did buy all the Potter-sets, but I never did anything with it, after the haunted house I discovered the Lego community I never knew existed up until then. Searching the Internet I found a wonderful Lego-photography-site (Probably the first one in his kind), which ultimately sparked the 365-projects and in the end the comics. So, thinking about it, the commercial release of the haunted house started it all and now is the start of this comic.
Writing this I notice this behavior of me is not exclusively pointed towards Lego. I have a few hobbies that keep coming and going. For some weeks to months I spend crazy amounts of time on a specific interest after which I completely loose this interest again for a few months to even years. Writing, Toonder, chess, specific comics, books or tv-series, etc… etc… Nevertheless, Lego has been going and going for a few years now, it has had it’s up and downs, but it’s still here. Do you have interests like that? Or are you (much) more consistent in your interests?

Oh… and happy birthday to my little girl! Ten years today… a teenager… Oh my… 😀

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