“Think of tomorrow, the past can't be mended.” ― Confucius
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2-004 It is alive!

Looks like Dr. Fronkenbrick is a tat disappointed. But you probably know what they say; it’s not the mistakes we make, it’s how we correct them that defines us. So let’s see how Dr. Fronkenbrick deals with his perceived mistake.


How to use mistakes to your advantage

However, it doesn’t seem like Dr. Fronkenbrick’s off to a great start. Panic is not the exactly the best way to go in my opinion.  Everybody makes their share of mistakes. Thinking about this I realized there are many kinds of mistakes, and most mistakes are not to be regretted because you learn from them without harming anyone. Searching the Internet, it looks like most people talk about only four kinds of mistakes


Stretch mistakes

These happen when we are doing something that is beyond our ability. These are ‘good’ mistakes. These mistakes tell us we are expanding our knowledge and going beyond our comfort zone. I make these mistakes all the time in professional life and in personal life (trying new Lego building techniques for example 😉 ) and don’t worry about these all that much.


These mistakes happen when we achieve what we set out to do, but it turns out trying to achieve it in the first place was wrong (because we missed some kind of information for example). The ‘aha-moment’ comes when we learn this crucial piece of information making us realize our mistake.


Well… these speak for themselves and in my personal life I make lots of them… my wife can tell you all about the mistakes I make in this category, lol.

High stakes-mistakes

These are the mistakes we don’t want to make because we feel them to be disasters! These are the ones to avoid. I made these in my personal life and suffered the consequences… In my professional life there is no real room for these mistakes (I work in a hospital) and I managed to avoid them. I believe the mistake of Dr. Fronkenbrick to fall  within this category. And if I’m wrong he himself certainly feels his mistake to be a disaster!

How do you feel about mistakes?

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