“I can't give you the sunset, but I can give you the night.” ― Erin McCarthy
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2-098 Higher stakes

Eating always helps…


Weight watcher

…Except when you’re trying to watch your weight a little!

And I am watching my weight a bit. Not that I’m overweight, A BMI of 23 is okay, yet I want to lose a bit of weight in certain places and train a bit too. Daily training is going pretty okay. That is a big deal because up until now I did about zero sport in my life. Now I’m doing these seven minute trainings and I will extent (a little bit) shortly. Also I’m watching what I eat, not really a diet… but still. I used to love candy, chocolate, chips, pastry, etc… I still do, but I need to lessen the intake. Again it’s going okay, but I need to be on my toes…. I’m losing about a pound in 1-2 weeks, nice and steady. A few more pounds to go, and then I need to find the status quo.

So if I’m a bit grumpy… well… 😉