1-281 Goodbyes
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1-281 Goodbyes

The circle is slowly but surely being closed…

Reaching the end

Now that we are getting to the end… I’m getting a little anxious. Hopefully the new story will work (The script is not finished yet). At first I never thought this story would end, at first I set it up like Bricks of the dead. At some point I saw it had to end… and I’m not a great storywriter (like Balinabricky)… yet. Luckily there are some lose ends in his story, so there can be enough reasons to make Barry and Darryl return to Eno… or make one or more Eno-folk go to One (Brickearth)…. I would love to see what would happen if Venator was set loose on Brickearth… maybe 🙂

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