1-8 Gone
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1-8 Gone

Poor Barry, first he loses his map… then the thief… and now Darryl. What will be next?

Star Trek

Of course the effect I used, is based on the transporter-beam from Star Trek. I always loved that series (my favorite is Deep space nine). There are a lot of Trekkies out there and I like how the series keeps going on, and now is getting a total make-over. Besides the Trekkies there are the hard-core Star Wars fans. Another series I really like, but to a lesser extent than Star Trek. I’m not a ‘hard-core’ fan of either btw.

So do you like science fiction or don’t you have any idea what the difference is between Star Trek and Star Wars? And if you like SF, what is your favorite?

Addition January 28th 2019; There is an upgraded recreation of panel two of this comic! Take a look, I believe you won’t be disappointed.

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