“Normal people are just freaks who are afraid to be themselves in public.”
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2-138 Freak with a mask

So Dwaas does realize walking around in a mask makes him look like a freak. Maybe it would be better to simply, ehm, loose the mask?


My son is at home

My son is at home! Yay! After four weeks in the hospital, it’s now time to enjoy my family at home. Though it is fun… it is also very time-consuming for the whole family.

It is also my birthday today! Again Yay 🙂 ! Amongst other things I got some books on Breaking Bad and on photo composition. Looking forward to reading them, if I don’t fall asleep haha.

All in all, it was a strange birthday, but a fun one too!

By the way, did you notice Dwaas seems to be having some dark thoughts in the last panel?