“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.”  ― Isaac Asimov
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2-007 Fear, fool, shame

Poor Dwaas. I hope dr. Fronkenbrick soon comes to his senses and starts acting like the scientist he is. He needs to get back to believing in arguments instead of assuming things that can be easily researched.  Oh, and for everybody wondering if a ‘foolish’ monster has feelings; I hope the last panel tells you at least Dwaas has ‘m!


To assume or not to assume

Dr. Fronkenbrick is making some assumptions about Dwaas and about “the yellows”. It looks like Dwaas is going to have a tough “childhood”. Sadly, this experience might influence him for the rest of his live. Especially when his creator/ father keeps repeating his assumptions time after time. Sometimes people are so hardened in their assumptions that they interpret everything in a way the assumption holds. If they bring this reasoning based on assumptions to their kids… kids learn many things from their parents. And kids will internalize these assumptions and can develop a natural reasoning based on assumptions, they didn’t have themselves in the first place. One can only hope that these kids are smart enough to find out the flaws in their own reasoning and will go and find some arguments in order to change their reasoning… but, like with Dwaas, when this reasoning based on assumptions brings these kids self-images down, this might be a very difficult, if not impossible task.

Ok… I think I’m rambling again. I hope the point I’m trying to make comes across. Everybody assumes, it’s unavoidable. But realize you do, and identify these assumptions as good as you can, check them against reality and don’t bring the assumptions to your kid(s)… especially not when these assumptions can undermine kids self-image.

I myself assume that I don’t assume that much (do you see what I did here, haha). But when I do believe something someone better have some pretty good arguments to change my mind. Nevertheless, I am working on finding the assumptions in my live… checking if they really are correct or need to be changed… difficult to do, to say the least.

Are you quick to assume things? Is it easy for you to change your assumptions?

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