“Sometimes a walk is the solution to all our problems!” ― Avijeet Das
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2-137 Dismissed by the major

Our beloved mayor realised it’s time for plan B.


Walking away

I was not one to walk away from anything (except for wasps…. I hate those). However, there were moments when I simply should’ve walked away. Especially in an argument. I always was one to keep arguing until I “won”. Yet, the moment I won… i “won” i actually lost. So over the past few years I had to learn to walk away, not always literally, but also figuratively speaking. I have to say, it’s much more relaxing nowadays and to be honest, there aren’t that many arguments I get into anymore. The mayor however… he’s another case altogether it seems. He does walk away, but it doesn’t come over as all that relaxing.

Do you walk away? Why (not)?