“Only a fool would underestimate a man with nothing to lose.” ― Lance Conrad
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Dwaas looks fine to me, or does he?

Brick Comic Network shutting down

Another example of how the Internet and times are changing, at least that is how I see it. The Brick Comic network (or BCN) was a once thriving community of Lego comic creators. Sharing everything related to comics. At some point however the creators didn’t visit the forum anymore. Social media and their own websites had priority when probably personal lives became more and more busy. Choices of how to spend your precious time online would be spend, had to be made. And the forum was probably one of the first thing to go.

It also didn’t help that many of the regular creators quit their lego comic (if you’d still like to read their comics, check out the ultimate list of Lego brick comics on the Internet). The newer people mostly talked about their own comics and didn’t share that much tips and tricks on how to actually create and improve a lego comic.

All things considered, influenced by all these elements, eventually interest in the forum dwindled. And now, it ended. It’s a shame.

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