“The beginning is always NOW.” ― Roy T. Bennett
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2-143 Change of heart

A change of heart? Does Kemi even have a heart?


The demise of Lego brick comics?

This week I spoke Louis via e-mail. Louis is the creator of the tranquility base comic that ended in 2015. I met him trough the Brick Comic Network. The Brick Comic Network is a website with as the most important element a comic forum. It used to be very busy, yet, the last few years the forum seems to be nearly dead. Louis hypothesised that life is probably too busy for most authors (tell me about it 😉 ) or maybe the interest in brick comics is dwindling. At first I didn’t think that was the case.

However, looking at the brick comics I knew (the ones with their own website, I am not talking about the ones on instagram/FB) there used to be about 37… now there are only 5-6 of them left that are regularly updating (including Foolish Lego). I guess interest in keeping a comic really has dwindled. Of the comics that are still going only a few seem to have a steady fanbase. At least Foolish Lego is here to stay, already for five years and still going strong.