If small things have the power to disturb you, then who you think you are is exactly that: small. - Eckhart Tolle
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2-034 Broken arcade game

Wouldn’t he be the perfect plumber?


Old school gaming

These days gaming is so much different than it used to be (I know I sound like an old guy now). When I was a kid we had gaming computerthingy. We had to connect it to the television, it always took some time/ frustration to get it connected and afterwards the television always lost its channel-settings. The only two games we had was some kind of Pong, and a game where a blocky motorcycle had to jump over blocky barrels. Still, it was kinda nice.
I also remember going to my nephew to play on his Commodore 64. He had a few games but we mostly played a sort of Dungeons and Dragons game! We loved it. Playing the whole night through… he was mostly running around and fighting, while I sat next to him with a sketchpad drawing the maps so we knew where to go and were we’d been. Looking back, the games looked very bad, but in my mind there were great worlds with heroic hero’s and scary foes.
A lot has changed since then but what I really think changed is the fact that we used a lot more imagination back then, these days it’s all so realistic that you don’t need that much imagination to see the world. Everyone sees the world in a game as it is created, back then I think each gameworld looked a lot different in the mind af every player. It’s a difference in my opinion, but I can’t say if the change is for the better or worse.

Did you play games (or do you play games). What is or was your favorite?
If you played a long time ago, what time do you prefer, the current gaming, or the old nostalgic gaming?

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