“When you can stop you don't want to, and when you want to stop, you can't...” ― Luke Davies
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2-191 Be quiet!

Everybody is entitled to their opinions, though sometimes they should be kept to themselves.

And we’re back!

Sorry people! I don’t really know what happened there…. suddenly I simple needed to… well… stop.

Stop, and take a moment to rethink stuff. I am still thinking. However, whatever comes of all this contemplation, i clearly need and want to go on with the comic, so here is a brand new episode.

I guess Instagram is the source of it all. When I started with instagram, it started to gobble up so much time! It felt like some kind of an addiction. So, I needed to stop this spiral, and I did; cold turkey. In its wake everything connected came to a sudden halt too, even Foolish Bricks. I restarted slowly now, and the constant for the time being will be the comic. For now…

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