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Rollercoaster of emotions

The past weeks have been an absolute rollercoaster. One and a half weeks ago my pregnant wife suddenly needed to be admitted to the hospital and last week January 24th our son, Thomas was born. As all you parents out there know the our happiness is indescribable. We are happy to welcome our healthy little boy into this world.

However, he was a little anxious wanting to meet us and his big sister, so he arrived way sooner than expected. The first few weeks of his life he will have to spend in the hospital to grow, strengthen and be protected from viruses and bacteria wanting to get a hold of such a vulnerable little human.

So our life is turned upside down. Not because my beloved family has grown, but because we want and need to make daily visits (more than 2-3 a day) to the hospital. My family has priority over everything in my live at the moment. And these are trying times. It could be 6 weeks or more before Thomas can come home.

This also means that I can’t promise regular updates. Updates, if any, in the next couple of weeks will be on ‘when possible’ basis. When Thomas is safe in our midst at home, updates will resume as usual every Saturday and Tuesday.

Thank you for understanding!