3-004 Hideous revelations
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So… the mystery man has been revealed to be Dwaas! What a surprise…. to no-one probably 😂.

Angles and Shots

This is one of the early episodes I really like because of the angles and shots. I experimented a bit; look for example at panel 3, 4 and 5. In the reveal I wanted Dwaas to go from distant, unknown and relatively weak looking (via a further-off, higher angle making Dwaas look small and weaker), coming closer and eventually to a low angle in the following two panels. In the 5th panel Dwaas looks more powerful, and maybe even a bit frightening and we may feel a bit closer to him.

Then panel six! Dwaas and Strabo are approximately the same height. However, via this over the shoulder shot (actually more over Dwaas’ head), looks as if he is taller than Strabo. Towering over Strabo, he looks more powerful than Strabo, making Strabo look relatively weak. The over the shoulder shot connects them. Also, I imagine Dwaas staring Strabo straight in the eyes, brrrr Yet… Strabo is NOT impressed, showing that Strabo is kinda bad-ass 😂

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