3-057 Hexina
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3-057 Hexina

Hexina, a being that uses witchcraft in the service of Lord Styso.

Happy New Year everybody!

Sorry for the prolonged absence. However, it’s great to be back for the time being. Work is still awfully hectic, but a week off at least gave me some breathing room. Besides this, I also stopped a moderator over at Brickcentral over on Instagram/ Discord. That was a tough choice to make, but I needed to free up some time.

Having said that, I highly recommend the Brickcentral-community if you are into Lego-photography, you will not be disappointed.

Plans, plans, plans

The past months I didn’t ignored my site completely, using the time to think about the future of the site. Basically, the site is good as it is, but over the years a few minor and major annoyances accumulated. My main issue is that Foolish Bricks doesn’t have enough focus; photography or comic? I decided to focus on the comic (using great photography 😉 ) Focussing on the comic also means the site will feature the complete cast more than Dwaas alone. Another major issue is the outdated blog posts. Minor issues revolve around the look and technical aspects of the site (mainly on mobile).

I’m happy to say that work on a complete overhaul of the site has started and I hope it will be done somewhere in February/ March this year. Furthermore, I will update and adding new blog posts, tutorials, behind-the-scenes and such.

I have more projects in mind, and I will keep you posted once i develop these ideas a bit more. I you have any suggestions for improvement, just let me know!

Thank you all for sticking around!

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