Chapter 03

Foolish Lego Comic; Chapter three; An original story about a monster and a wizard searching for answers within two worlds. Oh, and searching for Darryl… 😉

Brick Comic - Not on my watch

3-056 Not on my watch!

Brick Comic - Dirty Liar

3-055 Dirty Liar

Brick Comic - Tavernbrawl

3-054 Tavernbrawl

Lego comic - infidel

3-053 – Infidel!

Brick Comic - Magic in the air

3-052 “Magic in the air”

Brick comic - believe it or not

3-051 Believe it! or not…

Brick Comic - Sleepyhead

3-050 Sleepyhead

Brick Comic - urgent request

3-048 Urgent request

Brick Comic - Eno here we come

3-047 Eno here we come

Brick Comic - negotiations

3-045 Negotiations