Learn about ‘Dwaas’, keeper of Foolish Bricks and his little corner in the world. The place where he brings his imaginary Lego world to life.

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Dwaas, keep of Foolish Bricks

Welcome to Foolish Bricks!

The real world

Foolishbricks.com is a little place on the world wide web where the surreal universe of Foolish Bricks comes to life. During the day (and most of the evenings, and some nights) I work as a medical specialist in Maastricht. And although  that brings me a very interesting life, the alternative fun begins when I find the time to work on Foolish Bricks.

Like many kids, I loved playing with Lego bricks when I was a kid, mostly together with my brothers. As I got older, the obsession died down a bit. Actually a lot…. I went into the so-called “dark-ages”. At the end of 2012 I came out of the dark-ages with the release of the Lego Haunted house.  Also, around that time I was looking for a way to improve on my photography skills. I decided to put the two together and ultimately started the Foolish LEGO Project. Because of this my alter-ego Dwaas, who already existed online for many years, was transformed to my alter-lego.

My alter-lego; Dwaas

So, let me introduce myself as my alter-lego; my name is Dwaas (Dutch for fool). I am the keeper of Foolish Bricks. I keep a monstrous eye on everything that goes on here. If you have any questions, remarks or feedback or simply want to talk; contact me.

The history of this foolish world


I wanted to squeeze every learning opportunity there was out of combining lego Bricks with photography. Because of this I started a toy photography 365-project in 2013. I liked this soo much that I continued throughout 2014, essentially transforming the 365-project in a 730-project. During these year I created a daily Lego brick photo, Wherever I traveled, I brought my Lego minifigures and bricks with me to capture that Lego shot each and every day. From the beaches of Miami, to the mountains of Nepal, to the shores of Turkey and Greece, the city of New York (but mostly at home) – my Lego minifigures and camera’s were always with me.


I loved the photos, but was gradually struggling more with finding inspiration and time for photos. Besides, I was longing for a way to bring longer stories to life. So on August 13th 2013 the Foolish Lego comic started! Followed in 2016 by the second chapter. Creating comics takes a whole new set of skills. And I am still learning.


Also in 2016 I started with a few blogposts, however, nothing profound or focussed. However, in 2018 the blog-section was upgraded. And the plan is to steadily grow the blog into a knowledge base, among other things, on several aspects of (brick) comic creation, development and (toy) photography.

The future

I am happy that I do not know what the future will bring. However, I hope to continue with Foolish Bricks for a long, long time. And it would be less fun without you all. So, thank you for visiting Foolish Bricks. I hope you spread the word if you like it here, and tell me if there is something to improve.



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