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Welcome to Foolish Bricks! Home of the Foolish Lego comic. Bringing you original stories via the use of Lego bricks. Also, a growing knowledge base on all things related; behind the scenes, Lego brick comics, story development, toy photography, and more.

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Current chapter; an original story about a secluded monster (Dwaas) that needs to come to terms with him being different from the rest of the world. In the meantime, his home isn’t safe from the greedy hands of the town-major.

New chapter starting August 13th 2020

Until “Foolish Bricks – the comic” returns.

brick comic - King of fools

2-237 King of fools

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2-236 Thank you!

brick comic - talk talk talk

2-235 Talk talk talk

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Toy photography showing scenes within the world of Foolish Bricks the comic!

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A steadily growing knowledge base on all things related to Lego brick comics. Go behind the scenes of Foolish Bricks, learn how to create your own brick comic, get tips on toy-photography, find out about the community and more.

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The two main post on Foolish Bricks; an extensive guide on how to create your own Lego comic and the ultimate list of Lego webcomics.

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